photographer from Madrid.

January 2023

Generative artist behind the collection, Theatergoers

December 2022

Generative & Systems Artist | Type Design
Generative artist creating since 1999 - part of "The Best of Art Basel 2022" by Forbes.

November 2022

โ†œ artist working with computers ๐Ÿ’ป, algorithms าˆ and drawing machines แ. mostly installations, sculptures and works on paper โ†

September 2022

Brazilian abstract artist.

August 2022

Generative, Experimental, and Ai/GAN artist.

July 2022

Generative artist. Can machines make us more human? She is working on that.

June 2022

Light. Movement. Instability. #purevisibility #neocinetic #art

April 2022

Cryptoartist. ArtBlocks artist. Lover of beauty.

March 2022

Neo-Regional. Minimalist Artist. Co-Founder: @Mystudios_io. Member: @Tungsten_DAO ๐ŸงŠ

February 2022

Public Space Artist - Generative Art